Stay the whole weekend at the Pocono420 with our various camping packages!

No Glass • No Ground Fires • Above ground fires only!

Car Camping & RV Camping Info:
Vehicle/RV Entry Gate 3 Only!
Friday 4/21 & Sat 4/22

All Campers Exit Gate 3
Sunday 4/23: 8PM

Single Camp Pass

$150 Now $120

  • Camping Pass (1)
  • Concert Pass (1)
  • General Admission Pass (1)
  • No Vehicle Access
  • Parking In General Lot

Car Camping Pass

$250 Now $200

  • Camping Pass (2)
  • Concert Pass (2)
  • General Admission Pass (2)
  • 20' x 20' Space Reserved
  • Vehicle Access 16' & Under
  • 1 Steering Wheel Per Space
  • No Power Hook Up
  • No Generators Permitted

RV Camp Pass

$400 Now $320

  • Camping Pass (2)
  • Concert Pass (2)
  • General Admission Pass (2)
  • 20' x 40' Space Reserved
  • Vehicle Access Under 36'
  • 1 Steering Wheel Per Space
  • No Power Hook Up
  • Must Have Fire Extinguisher

Super RV Camp Pass

$550 Now $440

  • Camping Pass (2)
  • Concert Pass (2)
  • General Admission Pass (2)
  • 20' x 50' Space Reserved
  • 50 Amp Power
  • Vehicle Access Under 46'
  • 1 Steering Wheel Per Space
  • Must Have Fire Extinguisher


Arrival / Registration

Super RV, RV, Car Pass check-in:

Friday April 21: 10am-6pm & Saturday April 22: 10am-6pm only. No check-ins outside of these times. We do not process these type passes outside of those hours. Super RV/ RV / Car Pass check-in is located at Gate 3 off of Long Pond Road. Please read our section on Late Arrivals and Guest(s).

Single Camp Pass check-in:
  • Saturday April 22: 10am - Saturday April 23: 11:59pm only.
  • No check-ins outside of these times. We do not process these type passes outside of those hours.
  • Single Camp Pass check-in will be at the Gate 3 or General Admission Box Office locations. Parking for these type passes will be allowed at the Gate 3 entrance or general parking area. Please read our section on Late Arrivals and Guest(s).


ATMs will be located at the Concert or General Admission Gate locations.

Banners / Signs

The use of the space for any promotion, advertisement, or commercial exploitation shall be prohibited. Guests may be asked to remove any signage (including and without limitation to signage that is political, controversial or offensive in nature or that is for commercial exploitation); cease and desist, any activity; have signs and/or promotional materials confiscated; and/or have the Guest ejected from premises.


Personal bicycles are permitted in camping areas. We encourage Guests to walk their bicycles in all areas surrounding and when crossing Andretti Roadand Hullman Road. Reflectors are encouraged on bicycles. We do not provide any bike racks or mechanisms to lock bicycles. Helmets are encouraged, but not mandatory. Motorized or electric bicycles are not permitted.

Code of Conduct

Concerns regarding the unsafe or inappropriate behavior of a Guest should be immediately addressed and/or reported to the nearest Staff, Supervisor, or event Security. In extreme cases call 911. Unruly, disruptive behavior and the use of profanity will not be tolerated. Zick Pro LLC management is committed to creating a safe, clean and friendly experience for our Guests. Our Staff will proactively support an environment free from the following behaviors:

  • Abusive, foul or disruptive language and obscene gestures.
  • Flyering, distributing handouts, canvassing, suitcasing or soliciting.
  • Intoxication or other signs of impairment related to alcohol consumption. Please be responsible for the consumption of alcoholic beverages (must be 21 years of age).
  • Fighting, taunting or threatening remarks or gestures.
  • Sitting in a location other than the Guest’s ticketed seat.
  • Displays of affection not appropriate in a public setting.
  • Obscene or indecent clothing.
  • No throwing objects toward or unto the track.
  • Please leave room for emergency vehicle access.
  • Unauthorized generators …Please read our section on Generators.
  • The roping or blocking off of extra space for any reason to include saving space for Guests is prohibited.
  • All campers must be removed from Pocono Raceway property no later than 8 PM on Sunday April 23.
  • Anyone violating these rules is subject to ejection without refund.
  • Both Pocono Raceway, its affiliates, Zick Pro LLC or its affiliates assume no liability for loss or damage by fire, theft or otherwise to you, your Guests, any of your belongings or your vehicle. Use of the camping areas is at your own risk.
  • At Security’s discretion, you may be asked to shut down your grill, fire, or smoker if it affects the safety of others.
  • Zick Pro LLC reserves the right to change or modify rules and policies. Illegal activities or activities that violate the rules and these policies or these policies are considered grounds for immediate removal from the premises. Tickets, passes, and admissions may be confiscated and are non-refundable.
  • We ask that all Guests be considerate of others at all times. Impaired, belligerent, and obnoxious Guests will be escorted from the grounds by Security. To report any incidents, please contact the Box Office at 570-536-0423.
  • Continuing inappropriate behavior may result in the Guest having his/her tickets revoked, being ejected from the event grounds or arrested by police. All Ticket Holders are responsible for their conduct as well as the conduct of their Guests and/or persons using their tickets. If individuals or members of a group are removed from the camping facilities by Security or Staff for violation of any of these rules, individuals and group members may lose the right to renew or purchase sites or passes for future events. Vehicles may be removed at the owner's expense.

Carbon Monoxide

Camping Guests should follow these guidelines to prevent this colorless, odorless gas from poisoning them and others:
  • Do not use portable heaters or lanterns while sleeping in enclosed areas such as tents, campers, and other vehicles. This is especially important at high altitudes, where the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning is increased.
  • Vent rv generators and heater systems exhaust away from or above their unit and their neighbors’ sites.
  • Do not run or idle vehicles on site. This may create a dangerous build up of carbon monoxide for you and others around your site.
  • Know the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning: headache, dizziness, weakness, nausea, vomiting, sleepiness, and confusion. Carbon monoxide reduces the blood’s ability to carry oxygen. Low blood oxygen levels can result in loss of consciousness and death.
  • Seek medical attention if you or a Guest develop cold or flu-like symptoms while camping. Carbon monoxide poisoning, which can easily be mistaken for a cold or flu, is often detected too late.
  • Alcohol consumption and drug use increase the effects of carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Carbon monoxide is especially toxic to a mother and child during pregnancy, infants, elderly, smokers, and people with blood or circulatory system problems, such as anemia, or heart disease.

Dash Pass

Generally speaking, once camping Guests enter the property through RV registration and Gate #3 they cannot leave and re-enter the Pocono Raceway property unless approved by a Zick Pro LLC supervisor. To allow Guests to enter with a vehicle, Security provides a single Dash Pass for your vehicle in accordance with the ticket purchase. This is to be displayed on your dash and shall not be transferable.


Electric hookups are available in Super RV Pass holders only. These sites are all considered reserved sites. Any unauthorized use will result in immediate ejection and will be considered theft.

Emergency Situations

Please contact the Box Office at 570-536-0423 for emergency situations. Most times our on-site emergency crews will be able to respond much faster than outside resources. Only in the case of extreme emergency dial 911. Follow the Dash Pass instructions provided for emergency situations where you dial 911.

Flag Poles

  • Permitted: Fiberglass, PVC, Vinyl.
  • Not Permitted: Steel, aluminum, other metal.
The top of a flagpole may not exceed the maximum height of 15 feet from the ground surface. Flagpoles or other similar objects are NOT permitted within 20 feet of an overhead electrical line. Due to low-flying aircraft, kites are not permitted. Displays of the Confederate Flag or flags deemed offensive are prohibited.


No extinguisher, no fire. You must bring a charged fire extinguisher. All fires should be contained in an above ground fire pit. No on-ground fires, large bonfires or pit fires. No deep frying. Fires should be at minimum 10 feet from any vehicle or structure. Fire lanes must remain open at all times. Please read our section on Firewood.


It is against Pennsylvania’s regulations to bring most types of out-of-state firewood into the state. Nearly all types of out-of-state firewood are prohibited by this regulation- hardwood, softwood, kiln-dried, seasoned and green. Packaged heat treated firewood with a stamp showing treatment of at least core temperature of 160°F for a minimum of 75 minutes is permitted. A quarantine banning the entry of untreated out-of-state firewood into the state has been established by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, Markets & Food.


Generators are allowed for RV or Super RV pass holders. Sound generated must fall below 75 decibels and can run 24 hours. If your generator exceeds the noise limits or you need one to run overnight for medical reasons, please contact the Box Office at 570-536-0423. No personal generators are allowed in the tent only and car camping areas.


“Guest” refers to you, as the original ticket purchaser; or any person or organization who purchased a pass and is wearing a valid event wristband. Please read our section on Late Arrivals.

Golf Carts / ATV / UTV / Motorized Devices

Golf carts used on Pocono Raceway property are permitted for business purposes only. No personal use is allowed for any reason. A violation of these regulations will result in the golf cart or unauthorized vehicle being impounded for the remainder of the event weekend and possible expulsion of the operator from the property. Medically prescribed mobility devices are exempted.

Help Desk

In case of an emergency or if you observe illegal activity, contact event Staff or Security immediately or call the Box Office at 570-536-0423. Representatives are on duty 24 hours a day during this weekend.

Housekeeping / Maintenance

If you see or experience a housekeeping problem or maintenance concern, please notify any event Staff member of the issue or call the Box Office at 570-536-0423. Representatives are on duty 24 hours a day during this weekend.

Late Arrivals

    Be sure to have your specific camping pass purchased and with you ahead of time. All camping Guests are highly encouraged to arrive at the same time as everyone in your camping group. If you are unable to arrive with your group, you will have to purchase a separate pass. We do not maintain a will call list. RV/Car check-in is located at Gate 3 off of Long Pond Road on Friday and Saturday from 10am-6pm. No vehicle entry will be permitted outside of these times. Single camp pass holders are to park in the preferred or general parking areas and check-in at the Concert Box Office at the top of Andretti RoadRoad off Long Pond Road. At check-in you will exchange your specific camping pass for Guest camping wristbands. We can only scan a QR code once. If the additional Guest(s) is not with you, that other wristband(s) will be forfeited. Please read our section on Guest(s).

Lost and Found

Throughout the course of an event, all lost items should be brought to the General Admission Box Office. All Guests looking to claim or report lost items should proceed to the nearest Gate for assistance. Pocono Raceway or Zick Pro LLC cannot be held responsible for lost or damaged items.

Medical / Emergency

Medical and Emergency Staff will be on site the duration of the weekend at Camping Gate and General Admission areas. In case of any emergency contact event Staff or Security immediately or call the Box Office at 570-536-0423. Representatives are on duty 24 hours a day during this weekend.

Pets / Service Animals

Pets are not allowed in camping. Service dogs are always welcome. These animals must follow leash restraint policies and may not exhibit aggressive behavior.

Aggressive animals of any breed cannot enter or stay. If service animals exhibit behavior that is protective and unfriendly to strangers, Guests may be asked to leave the property. All service animals must be under the control and visual observation of their owner at all times. We ask all pet owners to keep their pet on a leash whenever the animal is outside.

  • A leash cannot exceed six (6) feet in length.
  • All service animals must be on a leash when outside.
  • No pet should be left tied up and unattended outside.
  • Guests must clean up after their pets and properly dispose of the waste; this rule applies at all times, no matter where the pets relieve themselves in campgrounds, parking or event areas.
  • Allowing your pet to bark uncontrollably, day or night, will not be permitted and in such an event, you may be asked to leave.

Platform Height Restrictions

No Scaffolding. No platforms more than 12 inches above the manufactured roofline of Guest’s vehicle. All attachments must be permanently affixed to the manufactured vehicle in some fashion.


Limit of one camping unit and one steering wheel per campsite (must fit within camping parking space).

All vehicles and items must fit within the site according to your pass. One RV or Super RV Pass equals one RV parking space. All vehicles that are towed by an RV, must either stay on that site for the duration of the event or should the need arise to move that vehicle, the vehicle shall be directed to the General Parking area along Andretti RoadRoad.

Horseshoe parking of vehicles or RV’s are not permitted. An unobstructed view and clear lane from a service road must be kept open at all times. We reserve the right to make changes to parking patterns deemed unsafe.

Prohibited Behaviors

  • Offensive signs, intoxication, and profanity will not be tolerated.
  • Flyering, distributing handouts, canvassing, suitcasing or soliciting.
  • Activities that disturb the rights of other campers will not be tolerated. Interfering with and/or obstructing Staff or Security can result in ejection, forfeiture of tickets and prosecution.
  • Any individual causing damage to property will be cited, and will result in removal and revocation.
  • Do not dump hot ashes on the ground or pavement.
  • No stakes can be driven into the asphalt.
  • Pocono Raceway or Zick Pro LLC Staff reserves the right to refuse admission and/or eject any person whose conduct is deemed, by us, as disorderly and/or fails to comply with the terms and conditions herein. Any such refusal or ejection may be without the refund of any portion of the ticket purchase price. We reserve the right to add or change these rules without notice.
  • Offensive signs, public intoxication, profanity, abusive language and/or lewd behavior will not be tolerated. Violators will be ejected from the Raceway and may be turned over to local police for prosecution.
  • For the safety of all our Guests all federal, state and local laws will be enforced including but not limited to: Security is to enforce all traffic violations such as reckless driving, excessive speed, racing or other hazardous operation of any motor vehicle.
  • Excessive use or illegal possession of alcoholic beverages (must be 21). It is unlawful for any person under the age of twenty-one (21) years to possess alcoholic beverages or to misrepresent or misstate his or her actual age in order to obtain and/or purchase alcoholic beverages. Individuals in violation will be turned over to local police.
  • To illegally, use, sell, and/or possess, illegal narcotics, dangerous drugs, prescription medicine, and other illegal substances. Individuals in violation will be turned over to local police.
  • Fighting or other instances of disorderly conduct will not be tolerated and may be subject to local police action.

Prohibited Items

  • Unmanned aerial vehicles / drones
  • Fireworks
  • Water balloon launchers
  • Inflatable blimps
  • Water Guns / Water Soakers
  • Spotlights
  • Private golf carts
  • Laser pointers
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Amplified music
  • Disorderly conduct
  • Scaffolding
  • Tractor-trailer rigs
  • Displays of the Confederate Flag or flags deemed offensive are prohibited.
  • No ATV’s, UTV’s, unregistered motorized vehicles, motorcycles, mopeds, golf carts, motorized mobility devices, electric scooters, or similar modes of personal transportation. Medically prescribed mobility devices and non-motorized bicycles are exempted. Please read our section on Bicycles.
  • Utility vehicles (I.E., bucket trucks, box trucks, cargo trucks, rental trucks or enclosed hauling trailers, etc.)
  • Any other items deemed dangerous at any time by Pocono Raceway, Zick Pro Staff or Security, are strictly prohibited and may be confiscated.

Quiet Time

Noise restrictions apply from 12:00 AM (midnight) to 6:00 AM.

Although Pocono Raceway does allow the use of generators, Pocono Raceway recommends all generators have an exhaust flow pipe and be placed on the entry side of the camper away from neighbor’s windows or air intakes. We ask that campers show courtesy toward their neighbors in the placement of generators. Security or Staff may ask that you relocate your generator if it disturbs those camping around you.

The use of public address systems, bullhorns and other devices generating excessively loud noise are prohibited at all times. Zick Pro LLC and Pocono Raceway reserves the right to judge what constitutes excessively loud noise levels and Guests in violation may be asked to lower the noise level or leave the premises. External stereo or television speakers are not permitted. No stages, stage lights, live bands or live dj’s.


Camp restroom facilities are located at the center of the campground. Portable facilities are available in the Concert area. Portable restroom facilities are also located inside of the General Admission, Concert and Camping areas.

Self Contained / Hook-ups

Self-contained is defined as any vehicle which has factory-installed bathroom facilities that include holding tanks for clean water, gray water sewage, and the required plumbing; i.e., motorhomes, travel trailers, etc. Additional included are vehicles that have been professionally modified by an after-market customizer.

There is no provision for water or dump stations. All pass holders will be responsible for any gray water or sewage that appears to be coming from their unit. Please read our section on Water and Waste Water.

Staff / Security

Staff and Security will be on site the duration of the weekend at Gate 3 and Camping Gate areas. In case of an emergency or if you observe illegal activity, contact event Staff or Security immediately or call the Box Office at 570-536-0423. Representatives are on duty 24 hours a day during this weekend.

Tent Camping

Tent camping is only permitted in designated areas. Tent and awning stakes must be marked. Fire lanes must remain open at all times. Limit 2 tents per site. Sites are generally 20’×20’ but may vary. If you choose to have a sleeping tent in addition to your Car, RV or Super RV site, there is a limit of one tent per site.


Tickets are reserved for 18 years of age and older with valid state or federal ID. To purchase tickets please visit www.pocono420.com, Eventbrite or at the Box Offices on-site. Tickets are non-refundable.


2 white trash bags will be given out at camping check in. Trash pickup will be made daily through the camping areas. Please place all refuse in a closed white trash bag and set it next to the roadway each day.

All Pocono recycling is done through a single-stream recycling system! 1 blue bag will be given out at check in. Please put all recyclable items into these bags and place it next to the nearest roadway.

Additional bags are available upon request.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Policy (“UAV”)

Pocono Raceway and Zick Pro LLC strictly prohibit the use of any unmanned aerial vehicles (“UAV”), also known as a drone, for any purpose whatsoever on track property. A UAV for purposes of this policy is any aircraft without a human pilot aboard. Staff may remove anyone using a UAV on the property and/or confiscate the UAV until the event is over.


All camping vehicles should remain at their respective camping parking spaces the duration. The speed limit in all areas is 10 mph. No motorcycles, semi-trailers, off-road vehicles, ATV’s or rental trucks allowed.

Vending / Soliciting Sales

No vending or commercial sales in the camping area. No flyering, distributing handouts, canvassing, suitcasing or soliciting.

Water and Wastewater

Pocono Raceway provides no provision for water or dump stations. Wastewater dumping is a violation of Pennsylvania state law. Any dumping of wastewater on the ground will result in prosecution and ejection. Please read our section on Self-Contained.